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Version 2.05 available

October 27, 2015 · Max

  • Radio - Added a toolbar with Hotkeys for easier radio control during a workout.
  • Workout Editor - Now possible to enter a target in bpm or %LTHR.
  • FIT file format updated to the latest FIT version (16.20).

Version 2.04 available

September 10, 2015 · Max

Studio Mode (Beta)
  • Added a new mode for Multiplayer, ride up to 25 users on the same screen!
  • Power/HeartRate targets are adjusted for each user with their FTP/LTHR. A Fit file is created for each user.
  • Multiple Trainer Control possible with ANT+ FE-C.
  • Doing a group FTP Test will update the FTP/LTHR values for each user in the Studio page automatically.
  • For more information, check this post.
  • You can now use as many ANT+ Sticks as you want! Useful if you are in a big room with users away from each others, have obstacles in the way or just want to improve your reception. No more dropouts! Read this post for more information.
  • ANT+ reworked for Multiplayer, ANT+ message reception improved using ANT Continuous Scanning Mode instead of dedicated channels. This mode use more cpu/battery so make sure your laptop is plugged in.
  • ANT+ Pairing has been improved, you can now choose between a pairing that stops when one device is found or a multiple device scan.
  • ANT+ Pairing UI simplified, you only need to pair your Power Meter once even if it provides Cadence/Speed.
  • Added an option to enable/disable ANT+ FE-C Trainer control.
  • Added a new option that let the Workout Window be forced on top of other Windows.
  • Added options to customize the Workout graph (Workout Settings, Graph, General).
  • Settings and sensors have been put back to their default values. Settings are now saved on the cloud.
Auto Upload
  • You can now link your Strava/SelfLoops account with MaximumTrainer. Your workout history (.fit file) will be uploaded automatically after a workout. Join the Strava Club!
  • KICKR trainer control is no longer supported. With the recent ANT+ changes, it was no longer possible to control the KICKR. Wahoo has plan to release FE-C Trainer control for later. We are sorry for KICKR users, if you subscribed before today and use a KICKR, a full refund is possible by contacting us.
  • HotKeys added to facilitate Workout Control. See this post
  • Added new Workouts from the excellent coach Rachel Ruby Zambrano. More to come!
  • Various UI adjusted to fit on smaller resolution display.
  • 2.03 --> 2.04 - Fixed a bug with PowerCurve not calculating power data.
  • Courses section disabled until it's completed. Multiplayer will be completed first since it was the most requested feature.

Version 2.02 available

July 17, 2015 · Max

Workout Editor
  • Added a new feature, 'Repeat Changer' - Let you change the targets inside a Repeat loop. Check this forum post for more details.
  • Now possible to flag an Interval as 'Test Interval'. Doing so will not put your Trainer into ErgMode during this Interval.
  • Drag and drop of Intervals will now work with any Interval column.
  • Wheel Circumference moved to the profile Tab.
  • CdA Estimator added in the profile Tab (for future Virtual Speed calculation).
  • FE-C Trainers/CompuTrainer now use Slope Mode at 0% when in Free Ride Mode and Test Intervals.
  • Added How To Guides in the forums.

Version 2.01 available

June 12, 2015 · Max

  • ANT+ FE-C Trainer support. This new ANT+ profile let MaximumTrainer control the resistance on FE-C Trainers. Most of the next generation trainers will use this standard.
  • ANT+ Muscle Oxygen support. Users with Muscle Oxygen sensor can now see their total Hemoglobin Concentration and their Saturated Hemoglobin in real-time.
  • Now supports Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness metrics from Power Meters.
  • Calibration for Power Meter has been improved, you can now see the calibration progress as you calibrate (for Power Meter using progress message).
New Test Workout - MAP Test
  • Dynamic Test which changes depending on your performance. How far can you go?
  • For more information on this test, check this forum post.
FIT file
  • Added new metrics: Left/Right Power Balance, Left/Right Torque Effectiveness, Left/Right Pedal Smoothness and Muscle Oxygen metrics.
  • Files no longer show a Garmin device as the device used for the workout.
  • 'Open Workout' has been renamed to 'Free Ride' in order to avoid confusion.
  • Test Result (FTP, CP, MAP) are now shown directly on the workout graph instead of a pop-up.

End of Beta : July 1st

May 22, 2015 · Max

Open Beta is planned to end on July 1st. We have plan for lot of new features for MaximumTrainer and we will need your support! You can already subscribe in your Profile. Thanks for supporting a small business!