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Version 2.08 available

November 27, 2016 · Max

  • FIT - FIT SDK updated to 20.16, now support left/right balance saving in the fit file.
  • ANT+ - ANT+ SDK updated to 3.5

Some news

October 15, 2016 · Max

  • Prices - Subscription prices decreased! 2.99$/1month, 9.99$/6months, 14.99$/12months.
  • I should have more time to work back on the next version of MaximumTrainer. Good cycling!

Version 2.07 available

December 22, 2015 · Max

  • Virtual Speed - You can now choose between 'Trainer Speed' or 'Virtual Speed' as your speed source. Virtual Speed is calculated with your power data and other variables (CdA, Weight, 0% Slope) to estimate your outdoor speed (real speed). You can find this option in the Workout options, Widgets, Speed.
  • Distance - Total distance was added to the Workout Stats. It is calculated with your virtual speed.
  • Strava - Now upload your activity as 'Stationary Trainer'.
  • 2.06-->2.07 : Fixed a bug that would cause the clock to start before the workout was started.

Version 2.05 available

October 27, 2015 · Max

  • Radio - Added a toolbar with Hotkeys for easier radio control during a workout.
  • Workout Editor - Now possible to enter a target in bpm or %LTHR.
  • FIT file format updated to the latest FIT version (16.20).

Version 2.04 available

September 10, 2015 · Max

Studio Mode (Beta)
  • Added a new mode for Multiplayer, ride up to 25 users on the same screen!
  • Power/HeartRate targets are adjusted for each user with their FTP/LTHR. A Fit file is created for each user.
  • Multiple Trainer Control possible with ANT+ FE-C.
  • Doing a group FTP Test will update the FTP/LTHR values for each user in the Studio page automatically.
  • For more information, check this post.
  • You can now use as many ANT+ Sticks as you want! Useful if you are in a big room with users away from each others, have obstacles in the way or just want to improve your reception. No more dropouts! Read this post for more information.
  • ANT+ reworked for Multiplayer, ANT+ message reception improved using ANT Continuous Scanning Mode instead of dedicated channels. This mode use more cpu/battery so make sure your laptop is plugged in.
  • ANT+ Pairing has been improved, you can now choose between a pairing that stops when one device is found or a multiple device scan.
  • ANT+ Pairing UI simplified, you only need to pair your Power Meter once even if it provides Cadence/Speed.
  • Added an option to enable/disable ANT+ FE-C Trainer control.
  • Added a new option that let the Workout Window be forced on top of other Windows.
  • Added options to customize the Workout graph (Workout Settings, Graph, General).
  • Settings and sensors have been put back to their default values. Settings are now saved on the cloud.
Auto Upload
  • You can now link your Strava/SelfLoops account with MaximumTrainer. Your workout history (.fit file) will be uploaded automatically after a workout. Join the Strava Club!
  • KICKR trainer control is no longer supported. With the recent ANT+ changes, it was no longer possible to control the KICKR. Wahoo has plan to release FE-C Trainer control for later. We are sorry for KICKR users, if you subscribed before today and use a KICKR, a full refund is possible by contacting us.
  • HotKeys added to facilitate Workout Control. See this post
  • Added new Workouts from the excellent coach Rachel Ruby Zambrano. More to come!
  • Various UI adjusted to fit on smaller resolution display.
  • 2.03 --> 2.04 - Fixed a bug with PowerCurve not calculating power data.
  • Courses section disabled until it's completed. Multiplayer will be completed first since it was the most requested feature.