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3.05 beta & Pricing

May 26, 2018 · Max

  • Pricing - App is now 100% free with all features.
    Donate what you think it is worth, you can donate here:
    BTC: 347je7aomvrDP5db4dZaqDSKZSDDvVi6TA
    ETH: 0x51B7D1dDE1b3B4c8bfdb70D4B3E4dA2f8511F8AD

  • Web Video Player - Now support watching Netflix and other DRM protected videos, play/pause synced with workout.
  • VLC Video Player - Upgraded to latest VLC 3.0.2
  • Performance - Upgraded Qt to latest version 5.11.0, built with MSVC2017.
  • Power Curve - Added power curves for the Lemond Revolution 1.1 and the RavX TX4 trainer.
  • Internet Radio - Added new ones.

  • Bug fix:
  • Some case where the workout editor time scale was not showing correctly.

Version 3.04 available

March 04, 2017 · Max

  • Power Curve - Added a power curve for the Turbo Muin 2014+ edition.
  • Internet Radio - Added new ones from

  • Bug fix:
  • Error message on application close for some users.
  • Linking Strava account problem when 'remember me' was selected.
  • First Interval time in the .fit file was showing more time than the actual interval.

Version 3.03 available

February 06, 2017 · Max

  • Workout Menu - The Workout menu was deleted by mistake, it is now back
  • Installation problem - Multiple users had problem installing the last version. If you still have problem, make sure you install the C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86 version) on Windows. Check the image below, you should have this entry if you have it installed. Report any error you are having to so we can try to help you.
  • Bonus Time - Added 1 month subscription to everyone to make up for the time lost.

Version 3.02 available

February 04, 2017 · Max

  • Web Browser - Web browser upgraded to the latest Chromium. The start/pause workout also triggers YouTubes videos start/pause. The player should be much more stable since it does not depend on flash being installed on your system.
  • Video Player - Upgraded to VLC 2.2.4
  • Workout Search filter - The filter now keep your last entered values on application startup

Version 2.09 available

January 09, 2017 · Max

  • TrainingPeaks - You can now link your TrainingPeaks account to automatically upload your activities.
  • Minor bug fixes