Get Started

Getting started in just a few steps

1- Prerequisites

Select your equipment (3 options)
Basic Standard Advanced
  • Trainer with a Power Curve listed on MaximumTrainer
  • ANT+ Speed sensor
  • Any Trainer
  • ANT+ Power Meter
  • ANT+ FE-C Trainer
  • To connect your ANT+ Sensors, you will need one or more ANT+ Sticks.
    Supported ANT+ Sensors:
    Ant Cad Profile Ant Speed Profile Ant SC Profile Ant PWR Profile And CTF Profile And FE-C Profile And MO2 Profile Ant Hr Profile

    2- Sign up and download

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    Sign up for free
    Download the software

    3- Pair your ANT+ gear

    After you have installed MaximumTrainer, pair your ANT+ sensors with one click.

    4- Start working out!

    Choose from one of MaximumTrainer workouts or create your own. We recommend you first do the FTP Test.
    Have a look at this great video for a quick tour of the software.