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Work out, having fun

MaximumTrainer is a free indoor cycling software.
Ride with friends, watch a movie and acquire fun achievements. All that while pedaling on structured workouts.


Fullscreen video, audio alerts, hide/show/resize anything you want. The choice is up to you!

Interface MaximumTrainer

Power without a power meter, it is possible

Calculated Power is a great alternative to get power data for cheap. Simply use one of the supported trainer curve with an ANT+ speed sensor to get power data.

Supported trainer curve

Free, Cross-platform

MaximumTrainer can be used free of charge.
We believe training should be accessible to everyone.
Supported platforms: Windows and OS X

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Real-time Statistics

View your speed, cadence, power and heart rate data in real-time

Multiple Targets

Cadence, power, power balance and heart rate target are possible at the same time.


Up to 25 Riders at the same time!

Auto Upload

Auto Upload your Workouts once you are done (Strava, SelfLoops)

Power Balance

Got a power meter that supports power balance? You can make use of it with specific power balance target

Workout Editor

Create and edit your workouts

Share Workouts

Easily sharable workout, just send the workout file to your friends

Video Player

Integrated video player that auto-stop/resume with workout

ANT+ Pairing

Save your sensors with a custom name and information for easier ANT+ sensor management

Multi-Computer Friendly

Log in from any computer, your profile and sensors will follow

Unlockable Achievements

Follow your progress and acquire fun achievements

Audio Alerts

Activate alerts to indicate interval change, off-target, etc.


Your Workouts are automatically saved to .fit files (compatible with various websites/software)


Change MaximumTrainer language. Supported languages : English and French

Club Friendly

Want to have a private place for your group to share workouts? It's possible on our forums!

Training Plans

Follow or create your own Training Plan